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Infectious Diseases Society of America

To learn more about types, modes, prevention and treatments of infectious diseases.

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Diseases Treated:
​• MRSA, MSSA and Bacterial, Viral, Parasitic and Fungal Infections
• Pulmonary, Bronchial, ENT Infections
• Prosthetic Device Infections
• Bacteremia, Sepsis
• Bone and Joint Infections
• Diabetic foot Infection
• Skin and Soft Tissue Infections (ABSSSI)
• C. Difficile and Diarrheal Illnesses
• Intraabdominal. Gastrointestinal        Infections
• Travel Medicine and Tropical Diseases
Fever and rash in returning traveler
• Fever of Unknown origin
• Mosquito Borne Illnesses
• Genital Herpes, Genital Warts
• Infective Endocarditis, vascular Infections
• Brain and Spine [CNS] Infections and Abscess
• OBGYN and Genitourinary Infections
• Female genital tract Infections
• Prophylactic Antibiotics
• Shingles [ Herpes Zoster]
• Post-Surgical Infections
• Urinary tract Infection
• Wound Infections
• Infected Decubitus ulcer, Osteomyelitis
• Lyme, Rickettsia Diseases
• West Nile Virus, Tick borne Diseases

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